F E M I N I N E . U N I Q U E . T R E N D Y 
CheekiTribe - is a collaboration of young, like-minded women, passionate about individuality in the universe of mass standardisation.
A Our #SendMyStyle monthly fashion subscription, is your monthly   unique , on - trend garments, selected specifically for you , according to your style profile, lifestyle and budget.
The only style profiled fashion subscription in South Africa.
Each month your collection is  a fabulous  surprise !
We guarantee that should you not be utterly in awe of your exclusive  #sendMystyle selection,  we will exchange it , free of charge. 
T & C 's apply
An ONLINE clothing store
Meet Me
I (Petrie) started CheekiCherri Trendstore in 2010.  
Building personal relationships with most customers, I soon realised that women has a desire to express their authentic, unique , being ,
through their wardrobe.
This was the catalyst for the birth of CheekiTribe - a collaboration of female entrepreneurs passionate about individuality, self-expression and unveiling authenticity.  
#sendMystyle equips women to find their tribe
( their unique fashion expression )   making authentic styling, accessible,  affordable and available to every woman. in affiliation with #idt identity styling