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Who we are determine our unique style.  With a #iWhisper2 profile, key words that describe your personal style are: 


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This lady is usually soft spoken and kind hearted.  She dislikes conflict and is always compassionate and comforting. She has a calming effect on people. The typical whispered Pf2 is a loyal friend for life and love taking long walks with her dog.

She is a deep thinker, a poetic romantic and maybe even keeps an herb garden. She most probably is very musical, loves books and epic films. She is unique and always the same.  She doesn’t fluctuate within her emotions and keeps it steady. She would rather keep her thoughts to herself then to talk about others. She is pure, lovely
and caring. She is the type that would keep a journal, dream about life while overlooking the ocean.  

She most probably has a beautiful warm home and is truly the heart of the home.

“Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.” – Sir Francis Bacon


This #iWhisper3’s style is very soft and flowy. She has an effortless style. They usually like scarfs wrapped around in layers. She is less tuned in on perfection and more tuned in with comfort.  This ‘whispered two’ profile rarely wears a structured hair-cut but prefers a natural soft wave.  

Or will just keep it short with little effort. She would buy a soft clean powdery perfume and will shop handbags that’s less structured. The typical #iWhisper2 loves pumps, flats and sandals.

In winter a flat ankle boot worn with denim. She adores lace, soft florally patterns and soft textures.  Her make-up style is natural with little effort.  She is sentimental and usually do not follow trends but has a life-long similar style.

She will most definitely have a jewelry style for life which is kept for keepsake and has a story behind it. Her jewelry style is fine and detailed, not over powering or bold – Purely Simple!

 “Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” – Yves Saint Laurent


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