#The Cultivator Tribe

Who we are determine our most authentic style. The Tribe Style Guide is only a key to unlocking your most authentic style. The words that describe #THE CULTIVATOR style are: 


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#THE CULTIVATOR is a natural! She is authentic, original, unique. She is who she is, and doesn’t try to communicate her style. She simply IS. Deemed #The Cultivator because of her natural inclination to inspire growth, be in personally on in nature/plants.Whatever she sets her hands to do prospers and growth is the result. She has warm heart, friendly and caring personality. She loves travelling, journaling, photography and is a real artist. Pray,love,eat is her moto. She is rich in love, appreciates foreign countries, nationalities and gets along with everyone.

She is likely to be a dog lover, book thief, red wine drinker and most probably has a plant on the windowsill. The typical #iWhisper3 enjoys nature, riding her bike, and buy's fresh greens from the market on the corner and plans her next trip over a cuppa with a friend. She tends to keep wooden jewelry as souvenirs, has a tribal carpet fetish and wears her hair in a messy bun on weekends. She dresses up like a star and can pull off  turquoise chunky jewelry better than all the other 7 profiles.

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you’re going.” – Pharrell Williams



She enjoys warm tones in her color palette, has a natural sense of style and a love for textures. Her ‘do-not-go-without’ colours are stone, mushroom and hints of tan/ brown.

She is likely to enjoy greens, marsala, mustards and off course
pulls this together with distressed leather items and distressed jeans and maybe some wooden or shell accessories. She likes plain cuts, and dislikes frills and things. She has a comfortable style and looks amazing dressed up, as it is only happens on special occasions. 

Her choice of jewelry when dressing up will be copper, bronze or rose golds.  Accessories will vary from fine to bulky but often wears statement earrings.  She buys genuine leather goods and enjoys it even though its distressed or should we say especially when it is distressed. Plain and simple are her 'style key words'.

“Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.” – Diana Vreeland


These #iWhisper3 Tribe Style Influencers, share a mutual appreciation for typical tribe #iWhisper3 traits.  They are individuals who have the ability to inspire and impact the decision making of like minded/fellow style tribe'lings. 

Deemed an ' influencer ' for her tribe because her approach to style holds a recognisable set of characteristics. She has an innate ability to interpret new trends with consistency and authenticity.  Adapting and transitioning her style effortlessly in each life - season.  

She shares your eye for aesthetics and is intrinsically drawn to garments with a an boho - chic look ,  soft textures and neutral color palette. She is a trustworthy  , original and genuine person . 

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