#The Artisan Tribe

Who we are determine our most authentic style. Key words that describe the #Artisan personal style are: 


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#The Artisan is a walking statement.  She is bold and vibrant, adventurous and active. She has a warm nurturing spirit and is generally sociable.  Spontaneous, she lives in the moment.

She is artistic and imaginative, inspired by natural hues and textiles. She is deeply
passionate and enthusiastic.

Her style can be described as vibrant, whether at work or at home. She likes rich
earthy tones, genuine leathers and natural textures.  Her style is known to leave a lasting impression of her unique being.

She combines structure with richness. She enjoys using her style to communicate her artistic nature.  She enjoys layering and is enthusiastic in her application of colour, she usually enjoys accessorizing and making use of bold statement items to complete her look.

Her accesssory choices are selective and usually include wooden earthy creations.

" I like the smell of earth , the touch of waves , the taste of berries ,
the sight of trees, the sound of laughter and
the feeling of being fully alive  "

 #TheArtisan STYLE INFLUENCERS:  /ˈɪnˌflu·əns/ /ɪnˈflu-/ 

#The Artisan Tribe Style Influencers, share a mutual appreciation for typical #TheArtisan traits.  They are individuals who have the ability to inspire and impact the decision making of like minded/fellow style tribe'lings. 

Deemed an ' influencer ' because  her approach to style holds a recognisable set of characteristics. She has an innate ability to interpret new trends with consistancy and authenticity.  Adapting and transisioning effortlesssly in each life - seasons.  

She shares your eye for aesthetics, intrinsically drawn to rich textured fabrics with distinct to the #TheArtisan. She is passionate , artistic and eccentric. 

  "The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things , but their inward significance "  

- Aristotle 

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