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With winter ushering in, we've decided a bit of nostalgia will do.  

CheekiTribe believes in imparting identity through fashion, our styling approach based on accentuating who the woman is. We bring fashion and identity into perfect equilibrium. Using identity style profiling, we style each woman according to who she is, empowering her to utilise fashion as a tool to express her identity.

We spoke to Samantha when we launched our unique approach a couple of years ago. 


There’s something about Samantha


Introducing Samantha Moffat


#TheFuturist Tribe


At the age of a mere 15 years, this Bloem beauty made international waves after being featured in the Vogue Italia’s September Issue for BVLGARI jewelry. She is on high demand around the globe, NYFW being only one of the international fashion platforms requesting her to model – one runway every model dreams of walking on at least once in their modeling career.  Making a bold stand for purity and faith, Samantha’s outspokenness about who she is and believes in has left the industry in awe.


CCT | What was is like to work in Milan?

SM | My experience in Milan was unforgettable, because here my career really kicked off. It helped me grow so much professionally and personally. It taught me patience and exposed me to the real world. Being able to work in the modeling industry taught me to always stay grounded in my relationship with God and to never forget where you come from.


CCT | What do you think of our approach to styling a woman from the inside out?

SM | I feel that who I am is how I present myself and how I come across to others, so this plays a big part in my wardrobe choices. Fashion has always interested me so I focus on how I show myself to others through what I choose to wear. I love the concept of people showcasing their personality; someone who wears bold colours may have a very vibrant and outgoing personality. It makes the whole experience of dressing truly authentic.


CCT | How important is it to know your identity, who you are and what you stand for in your industry?

SM | Especially in the modeling industry, there are so many people to compete with and whom you will compare yourself to, while you should concentrate only on who you are as an individual. If you do not know your inner identity, you can make vulnerable decisions that you may regret later on in life. Always stick to your roots!


CCT | How does it feel the be one of the youngest South African models to have ever been featured in Vogue Italia?

SM | It was a huge honour to be featured in the September issue, as it is the biggest issue of the year. It made me realise that nothing is impossible and that you should reach for the stars.


CCT | Do you believe in the importance of vision; in aligning what you choose as a career with greater purpose?

SM | Definitely! Know what you want in life. With no vision, you won't fulfil your purpose.


CCT | What are your dreams for the future?

SM | I hope to make a difference in the modeling industry by standing up for what I believe in. Another dream of mine is to do work for Coco Chanel


 CCT | What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

SM | Skiing and online shopping ;)


CCT | Who is your ultimate style icon?

SM | Gigi Hadid


CCT | Why did you decide to pursue modelling as a full-time career?

SM | I thought it was good to start young and to see if it really interests me, and if I could see myself doing this. And I can truly say that I do.


CCT | Tell us something few people know about you ..

SM | I am actually quite shy. It seems to shock some, because people expect me to have a loud personality like many other models. But only once I have warmed up to people, the extrovert in me comes out.


CCT | If you were to summarise who you are in one sentence, what would you say?

SM | A young woman living her dream, and doing it all for God’s glory.


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” ~ Coco Chanel

photo credit / Fanie Nel FanJam