#Becoming Caroline Grace

b e c o m i n g (bɪˈkʌmɪŋ)

caroline grace


suitable; appropriate


  1. any process of change
  1. (Philosophy) (in the philosophy of Aristotle) any change from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality



 Each year I am guided by a word for the coming year – a word I believe is given with a specific task to achieve, to cast a vision for the year ahead. A word that provides direction and focus. This past year proved to be one of becoming, filled with painful changes – but looking back, we salute Aristole’s philosophy, for pain produces purpose and eventually results in beautiful growth; “a higher level of actuality.”


Cheekicherri has grown into an inclusive tribe. With the launch of cheekitribe.com, we collaborate with the most talented in the industry to not only provide you with beautiful and exclusive trends, but – most importantly – with a compass to direct your personal style from within. Together with #IDT identity styling, we incorporate a concept we call “dressing from the inside out”. With the assistance of my dear friend Irma and her identity styling methodology, cheekitribe assists women in finding their unique fashion expression, to be authentic to who you are. And with the launch of #sendMystyle, we hope to make the daunting task of rummaging through the clutter a thing of the past by providing unique and affordable style-profiled fashion arrivals – a first for South Africa and an amazing alternative to shopping.

 I am grateful to have been entrusted with the task of using my absolute passion – assisting women in finding their identity; their #tribe – through my talent for fashion in order to fulfil my purpose.

 cheekicherri will always strive to be on the forefront of utilizing fashion to equip and empower women on their journey to #b e c o m i n g.

As we enter the last few weeks of 2017, we think back over the year and we hope we have met your need, and we plan to position ourselves for the # g r e a t e r things that lie ahead for all of you in 2018.

In our last post for the year, we spoke to the oh-so-lovely Caroline Grace about her experience of #becoming a national sensation.

Was singing always something you had thought to pursue? How did your singing career kick off?

Singing was always at the back of my mind, I just needed to believe that I was good enough. I realised this in my matric year when I got the lead role in the musical Oklahoma as Laurey. I won first place in a local singing competition, Spontaan, in my first year and it opened many doors for me.

The platform provided by The Voice made the launch of your own album, Eindelose Liefde, look like an overnight success. The blood, sweat and tears are often overlooked. What did the past ten years leading up to this amazing achievement look like?

Success definitely does not happen overnight. After winning Spontaan, I sang at many functions, events and weddings. I took part in Kovsie Extravaganza – an annual singing showcase at the University of the Free State – where I was a member of Marjolein sêr for a few years. We represented Marjolein in New York at Julliard. I auditioned for Rapport Sing Jou Taal and got chosen as a local talent to sing alongside Mathys Roets, Nadine Blom, Jannie Moolman and Brandon October. This opportunity was made possible by Debbie and Arend Brink (Arco Musica), and after this I formed part of many high standard events that Arco Musica created.


I portrayed the lead role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, a production directed by Dr Neil van Niekerk, and I took part in various shows at the Vrystaat Kunstefees – Sneeuwitjie en die Sewe Dwergies, Primadonas, and Some Enchanted Evening. I also collaborated with Mario Lategan and Martinette Spoelstra in From Broadway to West End. I also worked with Corneil Muller, touring Johannesburg and Cape Town. I also had the amazing opportunity of opening the graduation ceremony for Oprah Winfrey when she received her honorary degree at Kovsies.


To make it in this industry, everyone has to hustle, hustle and hustle some more. I approached various recording companies and none of them wanted to sign me as an artist. The Voice turned out to be the perfect platform to make my dreams a reality.


Another remarkable achievement was finishing your law degree a couple of years ago. Is it a field that still interests you and that you see yourself pursuing in the future?

At this stage I don’t think there is room for a career in law, because I think it is best to be the master of your craft. But never say never!


Few people know that you and your husband, former Springbok rugby flank Heinrich Brüssow, were are actually high school sweethearts. How did the love story begin?

We met through mutual friends and started dating in Grade 9. One of my best friends was his neighbour. We never really talked until we moved in the same circles due to mutual friends and we just connected.


You grew up in Bloemfontein, studied at UFS, and spent most of your life in the Free State. To what extent has living abroad influenced your perspective of South Africa?

We have the most incredible country when it comes to variety and we definitely have the best food. I have also learned to appreciate the small things, and time with family. I have also realized that if each and every person does their part 100% - even in the smallest things, such as throwing away your litter, focusing on doing your job efficiently, having respect for others – it can bring about a sense of pride, which in turn leads to a better country.


With the UK soon becoming your base for the next few years, do you see any prospective opportunities for launching an international album?

Having an international album would be a dream come true, but I believe that my focus should be on the success of my first album and the prospect of returning to SA. I have faith that the rest will happen according to His perfect will.


Heinrich is currently based in Japan. What has been some of the main relationship challenges of living between two countries?

The main challenge is not to allow our separate careers to become such an integral part of our lives that we live past each other. Balance is key. We must keep communicating, because this generates trust and security.


How important is authentic styling to you – dressing from the inside out – such as cheekicherri’s approach to using fashion as a tool to equip a woman in finding her style tribe?

It is extremely important! We all have a different voice and each of us is uniquely created. To find that voice and your own sense of style is a breath of fresh air.


How accurate was your #idt identity style profile? Did it resonate with you?

It was perfect. I learned so much about myself and it gave me the confidence to believe in my sense of style and also to take risks.


We understand that with a schedule such as yours, time is a luxury. What is your opinion on our #sendMystyle initiative, which ensures you receive style-profiled fashion deliveries to your doorstep?

I love this initiative. Women of today have such a gruelling schedule and money does not grow on trees. So to bypass the time and effort of searching for the right outfit, this initiative would be helpful and money well spent, as it will suit your style.


It was so enjoyable styling you in your #ishout2 style profile range. What are your thoughts on #idt identity styling? Did the cheekitribe approach teach you something about your personal style?

It was such a pleasure working with cheeckicherri. I definitely learned so much about my sense of style and what suites me best. I also learned to take risks with colour. It challenged me to be more daring. Having knowledge is power.


Give us some insight into your vision for your career in the next ten years.

When I look to the future I want to see music in it. My dream is to have a platinum album, to have a band that can support my vision for music. I want to become an icon that empowers women. I want to work hard and I know that what I achieve will be good enough.


What keeps you grounded and focussed on achieving your goals?

God, my husband, my family and friends keep me grounded. They see me for who I am, and I know that without them, all that I have would mean nothing.


We believe in purpose behind passion. What is your greatest hope to achieve through your signing?

I want people to see the truth. What I have been given is grace and favour. We all have a gift and we must stay true to ourselves and stop comparing our success to that of others. I want to empower people through my music.


You are your only limit. Dream big. Pray big. Believe big.


“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21