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Discover Yourself

We believe that #SendMyStyle is a clothing subscription with a difference.

Authenticity is the daily process of letting go of who you think you should be in order to embrace who you already are.

We offer different products and services to assist you in this journey of discovery.

Firstly, start off by taking authentic style profiling quiz and discovering what your style looks like in this season of your life.

Secondly, we offer wardrobe restructuring solutions to assist you to restructure what you already own to complement your newfound discovery.

Thirdly, we have #SendMyStyle subscription box options where we send clothing selected especially for you on a monthly basis to your home or office.

" Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are,and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself. "



Discover Your Style In This Season Of Your Life

Embrace Authenticity: Begin your style journey by shedding the layers of expectations. Our ethos is grounded in authenticity - encouraging you to let go of preconceived notions of fashion and embrace your unique self.

Personalized Style Profiling Quiz
: Your first step with #SendMyStyle is a deeply personalized style quiz. This isn't just about your favorite colors or patterns; it's a comprehensive analysis to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and the essence of your personality. This quiz adapts to reflect the ever-evolving nature of style through different seasons of your life.


Redefine Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Restructuring Solutions: With your newfound style discovery, it’s time to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. Our wardrobe restructuring solutions are designed to help you reassess, reorganize, and revitalize your existing wardrobe. This means you not only discover new ways to wear your clothes but also identify what truly reflects your authentic self.

Sustainable Fashion Choices: As part of our commitment to sustainability and conscious consumption, we guide you through making informed decisions about which pieces to keep, repurpose, or recycle. This approach ensures your wardrobe not only aligns with your style but also with your values.


Experience the #SendMyStyle Subscription Box

Curated Just For You: The centerpiece of our service is the #SendMyStyle subscription box. Based on your style profile, we meticulously select clothing that speaks to your soul. From statement pieces to essentials, every item is chosen to enhance your individuality and complement your existing wardrobe.

Flexibility and Surprise: Our subscription boxes are flexible and designed to surprise and delight. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or seasonal options to keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting. Each box is an opportunity to discover new favorites and experiment with your style.

Connect With a Community: Join the #SendMyStyle community and connect with others embarking on their own style journeys. Share your discoveries, insights, and inspirations. Together, we celebrate individuality and the joy of expressing our true selves through fashion.


What is in my #sendMystyle fashion box?

A beautiful selection of garments complied especially for you. A selected reflective of your authentic style as well as your lifestyle preferences, sizes & budget.

What if I don't like my #sendMystyle selection?

We guarantee your satisfaction by including exchanges, should something not fit entirely according to your liking send it back and we'll exchange it with something else.

Exchange T&C 's apply. Exchanges need to be requested within 7 days from receiving your #SMS.

How long do I subscribe for?

There is no fixed subscription period, hence should you feel satisfied with your selection of garments for the season we offer two options.

1. We either pause your subscription for a couple of months (to save you the trouble of going trough the subscription process again come next season)

2. We handle your cancellation.

Please note: Cancellations or account pauses need to be requested 30 days before your next order deduction.

How long from ordering does my #sendMystyle box take to arrive?

There are no two boxes with the same contents. We custom compile and package each #sendMystyle box.

To allow this very personalised service to you, we require a processing as well as a courier time allocation.

Processing your order will require 3 - 5 work days from our telephone call after your order has been placed, to select your unique collection.

Courier delivery requires 3 - 5 work days depending on your region.

A max of 10 working days.

 We do our utmost best to ensure each order is packaged speedily and send off to you in the least amount of time!


What Others Are Saying About #SendMyStyle

Jacqueline Ferns | Mrs South Africa

Wow, alles pas perfek, ek belowe niemand het nog vir my klere gestuur wat ek so love nie! 

Dit is gorgeous! Dit is presies wat ek dra, loovvee dit! 

Adri v d Linde | Frankfort

Ek is MAL oor alles wat in my boksies kom, alles pas perfek en ek love die klere, alles is my gunsteling kleure !

Caroline Grace Brussow | The Voice SA

Die boksies is vir my baie spesiaal, veral my naam betekenis en hoe dit deur my styl profiel gereflekteer word in wat ek kies om aan te trek. 

Nadia Herbst | Actress, 7de Laan

LOVE LOVE LOVED everything they sent me, it fit perfectly and I was amazed by how well they analized my personal style! 

Charmara Steyn | Pretoria

My highlight every month when I receive my Send my style box! Every month its the most beautiful clothing! Lovit lovit lovit!

Alida Smit | KZN

So thankful for this wonderful service! As a mom of two, I only think and buy for the little ones... however now I have a fashionista whom takes care of me! The fashion items are of the highest quality and suits my personality perfectly. May I also mention that some items I would not even consider purchasing for myself but those items are taking me out of my comfort zone and makes me now a trend setter and not a follower 😁 Thank you cheekicherri