Identity Style Profile 4

Who we are determines our unique style.   With an Identity Style Profile result of  SHOUT 4 or WHISPER 4, the key words that best describe your style is:


Whisper 4:  A typical #Pf4 - WHISPER owns her style and looks incredibly comfortable in extremely stylish attire. She knows herself well and exudes self-confidence. She is together, reserved, calm and collected. And of course, incredibly professional.

Shout 4:  A typical #Pf4 - SHOUT is a walking statement, she is bold and vibrant, adventurous and active.  She has a warm nurturing spirit and is generally sociable. She is inherently a strong, spontaneous and bold woman. Known for their charm, creativity and artistic abilities.  A true free-spirit, they are genuinely fun people to be around. They are inviting, friendly and deeply caring.  Their most appealing trait being their genuine authenticity. 

The styles displayed are only examples of the beautiful collections you can expect in your #sendMystyle fashion box. The exciting part, is that each month your box content is fabulous surprise!

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