Identity Style Profile 4

Who we are, our likes, dislikes, strengths, talents, determine our unique brand.  With an Identity Style Profile result of  SHOUT 4 or WHISPER 4, the key words that best describe your style is:


Whisper 4:  A typical #Pf4 - WHISPER owns her style and looks incredibly comfortable in extremely stylish attire. She knows herself well and exudes self-confidence. She is together, reserved, calm and collected. And of course, incredibly professional.

Shout 4:  A typical #Pf4 - SHOUT is a walking statement, she is bold and vibrant, adventurous and active.  She has a warm nurturing spirit and is generally sociable. She is inherently a strong, spontaneous and bold woman. Known for their charm, creativity and artistic abilities.  A true free-spirit, they are genuinely fun people to be around. They are inviting, friendly and deeply caring.  Their most appealing trait being their genuine authenticity. 

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