Identity Style Profile 3

Who we are, our likes, dislikes, strengths, talents, determine our unique brand.  With an Identity Style Profile result of  SHOUT 3 or WHISPER 3, the key words that best describe your style is:


 WHISPER 3:  The #Pf3-WHISPER is a natural! She is authentic, original, unique. She is who she is, and doesn’t try to communicate her style. She loves travelling, journaling,  photography and is a real artist.  She is rich in love, appreciates diversity and gets along with everyone.  She is most probably a dog lover, book thief and red wine drinker. The typical Whisper 3 will ride a bike, buy fresh greens from the market on the corner and plan her next trip over a cuppa with a friend. .

SHOUT 3:  The #Pf3-SHOUT, a walking statement, she is bold and vibrant , adventurous and active, she has a warm nurturing spirit and is generally sociable.  Spontaneous, she lives in the moment .  She is artistic and imaginative, inspired by natural hues and textiles. She is essentially passionate and enthusiastic.

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