Identity Style Profile 2

Who we are should determine our unique style.  With an Identity Style Profile result of  SHOUT 2 or WHISPER 2, the key words that best describe your style is: 


 WHISPER 2:  This lady is usually soft spoken.  She is compassionate, comforting and has a calming effect on people. The typical whisper Pf2 is a loyal friend for life. She is a deep thinker, a poetic romantic. She most probably is very musical, loves books and epic films. She is unique and always the same.  She is pure, lovely and caring. She is the type that would keep a journal, dream about life while overlooking the ocean.  She most probably has a beautiful warm home and is truly the heart of the home.

SHOUT 2:  She is well-spoken, highly groomed and styled to a T. She is not a fan of too much mixing and matching but rather advocates matching, finding preference in outfits that ‘go-together’ and are well tailored. She is as detailed in her style as she is in her personal life.  She doesn’t like taking fashion risks, however she comes across as extremely elegant, classy and classic.

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