#modelofthemoment | C A I T L Y N

As we head into the last two months of the year, a strange invigoration has taken hold of my soul – an uncommon occurrence at this time of the year, where energy levels are usually depleted and everyone’s minds are entering holiday mode. But this year, feeling drained is not on the cards for me, cheekicherri or cheekitribelings.

For the past five years, this time of year is one where I take stock of the year that has been, reconciling the goals set for myself with those I can tick as achieved and cross them off the list. However; the last two Novembers have been slightly different, with a slight shift in my annual routine. And, thinking back, I can attribute this shift to December 2016. New York City. The city that never sleeps. Once you’ve experienced its magic, it leaves you forever changed. That December heralded a perception shift in my personal life, which naturally affected cheekicherri and to an extent influenced to the birth of cheekitribe. 

This shift has me looking at the end of this year quite differently than usual. How often we negate evaluating our spirit and soul at the end of a season, the growth we experienced internally – surely this internal growth will be the natural effect? Perhaps it is this hope, this expectation that 2018 will be an even greater year , that anchors and revives my soul as 2017 draws to a close.

After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of that which is not yet seen.

 C A I T L Y N 




  1. having or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects.

"Quirky" is the word that instantly came to mind when I thought of Caitlyn’s personality. This youthful beauty is authenticity personified. So uniquely herself. And as quirky as her sense of humor, so too her unique facial features.

Caitlyn Rockman is yet another 16-year-old stunner with huge potential. As our second #modelofthemoment feature, this Bloem-based beauty is also already making international waves.

 CCT | How did your modeling career start? From a young age I was always interested in photographic and ramp modeling. I was just fascinated with everything to do with the industry. So when I was 11 years old I started modeling, and I’ve just fallen more and more in love with my passion since.

CCT | DO you plan on pursuing  modelling as a full-time career in the future? Where would you be based ?
Yes I will definitely always have a passion for modeling so I definitely will do what ever I can to keep my dream alive and I would love to be based in New York City or Cape Town 

CCT | We uderstand that you are an international model , where have you worked before and what was your fav destination? I’ve worked in Johannesburg, Durban , New York City and Orlando and so far my favourite destination is New York City. 

CCT | What do you think of our approach to styling a woman from the inside out and your personal style profile? 
I think it is a great way to help woman find their own style and to express their own inner beauty.

CCT | How important is it to know your identity, who you are and what you stand for in your industry?                                                        It is very important because you don’t want people to get the wrong idea of the person you are and your morals and personally if you don’t know who you are in this industry and know what you want you won’t make it. 

CCT | How important is style to you? What impact does what you wear have in your industry?                                                                      It is the best way to express myself and I want everybody to see that I can have tons of fun but still be professional at times.

CCT | What was one of your career highlights thus far ?                    Just being able to go to the ARTS to get more exposure in my career was amazing and It has opened doors for me. 

CCT | which brand would you like to work with in the future and why? I would love to work with Calvin Klein I just am absolutely in love with their styling and approach to their target market.

CCT | Do you believe in the importance of vision; in aligning what you choose as a career with greater purpose?                                             Yes I do because without a vision where would you end up by knowing what you want in your career and knowing the steps to get there will be a great achievement. 

CCT | What is your dream for the future? How do you plan on using your modelling platform to accomplish this dream? My ultimate dream is to just carry on doing what I love, I will definitely start collaborating with people to get myself more exposure in the industry.

CCT | What career do you see yourself pursuing after modelling one day?I see myself acting or going into marketing.

CCT | What are your favourite things to do in your free time?
I love spending time with my friends and family 

CCT | Who is your ultimate style icon?                                             Rihanna.  She thinks outside of the box and presents herself in such a manner that whatever she is wearing it doesn’t matter, because she is comfortable in her own skin and just rocks it 

CCT | Tell us something few people know about you ..                           I am in love with cats and sloths , and I eat way more than I should. 

CCT | If you were to summarise who you are in one sentence, what would you say?
I am a kind, generous, outgoing and adventurous person.        
Photography : Michelle van Niekerk
Make up artist : Karle Pyper
Created Caitlyn's look by using these amazing MUD products :
Eyebrows : Espresso
Eyeshadow : Ice, Pixie, CAnyon, Onyx
Eyeliner : Black cake eyeliner
Shop the face : www.mudsa.co.za